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Dustin Jodway
Founder and Head Coach

Recipient of the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Award for Local Artist and Theatre Instructor for 6 consecutive years, Dustin has more than 25 years of experience in both community and professional theatre, 10 years of directing experience and years of KWC performance coaching—in fact, there isn't much this ol' chunk o' coal hasn't seen. 

A former Canadian Champion in the Karaoke World Championships, Dustin opted to stay involved with the competition in a non-competitive capacity, becoming a mentor to competitors in subsequent seasons.  His innate talent for coaching was soon recognized by KWC administrators, which eventually led to his appointment as Head of Artistic Development for KWC Canada.

In his first season as the head coach of Team Canada, Dustin travelled all the way to the birthplace of karaoke for the World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, where he helped coach the Canadian duets team to Canada's first-ever gold medal in the duets competition.

Dustin has performed on stages across Canada and as far afield as Helsinki, Finland, while his coaching career has taken him yet further abroad, but for Dustin, all roads eventually lead back to Hamilton, where his roots are firmly and proudly planted.


Dustin is the Vice President of Hamilton Theatre Inc. and has been a member of HTI for over 20 years.  At HTI, Dustin has been involved in numerous productions, in just about every capacity, both on and off-stage, and has had the opportunity to work alongside Southern Ontario's finest talent.

Dustin has also spent over 15 years working with Individuals with Special Needs and various degrees of physical and behavioural exceptionalities. Graduating with honours from MoMac specializing in behaviours and the autism spectrum, Dustin prides himself in his ability to work effectively and cooperatively with this group of individuals, and he loves nothing more than helping people out of their respective shells.

Rob Quinn

An award-winning DJ and producer with 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Rob first cut his teeth as a breakbeat DJ, spinning records at sketchy parties in the twilight years of the rave era.   His love of layering beats as a DJ led to an interest in music production, and under the tutelage of San Francisco-based audio guru ill.Gates, Rob learned the ins and outs of production and sound design, and he’s been obsessively tinkering with beats ever since.


Rob is the Technical Director for KWC Canada and a long-serving KWC judge who has spent many hundreds of hours adjudicating all levels of the competition over the years.  He is the head judge on the national panel, and has judged at the world level for the past three years, including the world championships in Tokyo, Japan.

Rob's services include graphic, web and sound design, audio engineering, audio/video/demo reel production and home studio set-up.

Dr. Suzanne Wright

Singing since the ripe old age of 3, Suzanne has literally been in this game for longer than she can remember.  Suzanne began classical training at the London School of Opera at the age of 12, and went on to earn a Masters in Jazz Musicianship, a Doctorate specializing in Advanced Vocal Production and a Doctorate in Psychology.

At 15 Suzanne went on her first tour as a back-up singer with Chris de Burgh, and her career highlights include performing as a backing singer for the legendary Elton John.

Before retiring from musical theatre, Suzanne enjoyed many lead roles, but she ultimately found her calling as a vocal instructor, and now runs her own studio, “Singing the Wright Way." 

Suzanne firmly believes that—with the right training—anyone can learn to sing.

Kelly Knight.jpg
Kelly Knight

Piano -


A respected piano and vocal instructor, accompanist, audition coach, choir director and triple-threat director, Kelly has taught students of all ages and skill levels for over 15 years.  She has successfully prepared several students for professional careers on television and Broadway. Kelly has performed and worked in over 20 different live theatre productions, with experiences ranging from support and lead roles to musical directing.   Kelly loves to teach and looks forward to many more years of continued success with her current and future students.

David Brideau

Guitar -  


Piano - 

Luis has been teaching piano since 2017 and adores having students learn new things. Luis started piano when he was 6 years old and has been involved with many musical theatre productions. His goals with students are to learn how to read music, how to practice effectively, and embrace their artistic self. 

Luis Arojo
Monica Cairney

Monica Cairney has been an active member of the Hamilton theatre community for the past 17 years. She attended McMaster University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in acting and theatre production. Since 2004 she has been involved in over 100 productions in the roles of actor, director, stage manager and dialect coach. Monica has been a proud member of the Hamilton Theatre Inc. Board of Directors for 9 years, serving as 2nd Vice Chairman of the Board for the majority of that time.  Monica is dedicated to nurturing and encouraging the talent of the next generation of performers and is proud to be a part of Red Tree PA.

Breann Jodway
Administrative Assistant 

A member of Hamilton Theatre Inc for the last 10 years, Breann is thrilled to join her brother at Red Tree. Breann handles all bookings and invoicing. Breann also works along side Dustin during group coaching. 

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