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For performers by performers

Red Tree came into being rather organically, growing naturally from a community of performers in Hamilton, many of whom sought to better themselves under the tutelage of the more seasoned members of the group.

As demand grew, so too did the scope of the endeavour, and services that were initially offered to friends were gradually made more widely available.  In an effort to provide a more formal structure, streamline organizational processes, and improve the overall client experience, the Red Tree Performance Academy was officially established in 2021.

"To be a good performer, you have to be instinctive. It's like, to walk in the jungle, or to do anything where there's a certain tightrope wire aspect you need to be instinctive. And you have to be comfortable at it also"

- Bruce Springsteen -

Safe & inclusive environment

Red Tree offers a safe and inclusive space for performance coaching.  Confidence and self-esteem are the cornerstone of the performer, which is why we at Red Tree place a great deal of importance on providing a safe space for performers of any level or degree of experience to become acquainted with themselves and comfortable in their own skin.  Learning to build confidence is fully half the battle.

Confidence is not, "they will like me."
Having confidence means you'll be fine if they don't.

222 Main St W, Hamilton Ont - Red Tree Performance Academy

Performance in Hamilton

We're proud Hamiltonians! Our new home is in a gorgeous historic building dating back to 1900 right in downtown Hamilton. We're easily accessible by HSR busses and Go Transit and we're right off the Main street exit of the 403 for those who are commuting.

Please note that we are on the second and third floors of the building. We do not have an elevator and there is a staircase between each level as well as a few stairs to get to the front door. We will be hosting all of our events in a wheelchair-accessible venue and lessons and classes will be held in accessible venues as requested whenever possible.


From tiny seeds, grow mighty trees

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