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Dance Classes

Burlesque Performance

(Level 1) - 90 minutes

This 8-week course is designed for people who are curious about burlesque performance, regardless of dance experience. Each class will cover a different aspect of burlesque, focusing on learning the skills and then applying them in choreography or structured improvisation. Topics covered include: standing, walking, turning, the art of the tease, stage presence, bump and grind, shimmying, floor work, glove and stocking peels, boas, chair dance, and act creation.

Burlesque Fundamentals

- 60 minutes

This 4-week course is an introduction to burlesque as a concept. Each week, we’ll try a new skill together and then explore it further by learning a combo focused on what we’ve learned. Each iteration of this course will cover different materials, but you can expect to learn moves and explore the usage of various props while developing your confidence.

Body-Positive Movement

- 60 minutes

Let’s move around and have a good time. This open-level class is a mix of different dance styles (including jazz, modern, and burlesque-inspired movement) and will include a warm-up, a few different dance exercises, an improvisation, and we’ll finish by learning a combo. You don’t have to be an experienced dancer to have a good time. This is all about getting in touch with your body and experiencing the joy of movement.

Burlesque Performance

(Level 2) - 90 minutes

This advanced course is designed for those who have taken Burlesque Performance (Level 1) or who have experience as a burlesque performer. Over 8 weeks, the classes will go in-depth and will focus on more complex skills as well as performance practice. Topics covered include musicality, storytelling, persona, transitions, costuming and makeup, tassel twirling, fans, choreography, act cleanup, movement precision, and blending other skills with burlesque performance.

Burlesque Choreography

- 60 minutes

Sometimes it’s fun to just learn and perfect a routine. Over the course of 4 weeks, we’ll put together a fully choreographed routine including a few skills and props/costume pieces. Numbers will range in style from classic burlesque to neo-burlesque with music and movement to match.

Slither and Slide Movement

- 60 minutes

This class is designed to teach you how to move seamlessly around the floor in a sensual, and fluid manner. You will further your development on floor flow with musicality and timing that is taught to help with choreo, working the floor, and heel technique.


This class is made for all levels and will help with your floor movement.


What to bring:

Knee pads and heels (if you wish)

These items can be purchased at

Slither and Slide Choreo 

- 60 minutes

Take it to the next level!

You will take what you learned in Slither and Slide Movement to develop your floor flow around the floor to create beautiful choreography. You will focus on musicality and timing to piece together a routine to a song to be performed.


This is a level 2 class and requires heels and knee pads. You can purchase these items at

Pole Fluidity (Private)

- 60 minutes

Learn the fundamentals of pole or review the basics. We can also create a custom plan based on your skill level if you are intermediate or advanced on the pole.


If you are new to the world of pole, we will focus on building confidence and muscle memory through simple guided movement on and off the pole. Students will explore strength-building techniques on the pole, floor work, flexibility, spins, and putting together sequences.


The structure of your private includes:





Heels are encouraged!

Chair to Floor - 60 minutes

Transitions are the glue that holds your beautifully choreographed routines together.

Learn to move seamlessly from the chair to the floor and back up again with flair, skill, and a little sass... Well, okay, a lot of sass.

Your heels and chair are an extension of you. In this class, the primary focus will be on how to work your chair. Bring your sexy!


All levels welcome!


Bring knee pads and heels (if you wish)

Good Morning Stretch

- 60 minutes

Let’s start your day with a full-body morning stretch to get your body moving!

Required – Mat, yoga block, and water

Good Night Stretch

- 60 minutes

A full-body meditation stretch. We focus on breathing into our stretches and breath work. We'll be shifting our mindset and moving any negative energy into a positive and happy place. Bring out your crystals and let's set our intentions for the week.


A yoga mat is required. If you have a yoga block, we will be using one at times.

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