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Voice lessons

Hamilton native Dustin Jodway loves to share his extensive experience in vocal pedagogy and performance practice with beginners and seasoned singers alike. Each voice lesson is centered around not only the technical aspect of singing, but also the elements of performance that take a singer from good to incredible.

In addition to individual lessons, Red Tree Performance Academy offers group lessons geared toward children and adults. We are currently exploring adding choral singing to our repertoire.


Music lessons

Music is important. Countless studies show that learning to play an instrument as a child can help with various elements of cognition. Likewise, adults who learn instruments see a brain boost. More than that, discovering the joy of music is a wonderful thing.


At Red Tree Performance Academy, we provide beginner and advanced students an environment to explore musicality and develop confidence in their musical abilities. Currently, we offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, and lessons in various string instruments, and we will be expanding our offerings to include other instruments soon.

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Performance coaching

The key to realizing your full potential in anything is to constantly challenge yourself. It can be difficult to set attainable goals for oneself, and even more difficult to remain motivated in the pursuit of said goals, which is where coaching can help immeasurably. Whether you're an amateur or an experienced performer, if you don't push yourself to improve, you will stagnate. 

Our coaches stand ready to assist you with nearly anything performance-related, including but not limited to:


  • Building confidence/self-esteem

  • Harnessing nervous energy

  • Optimization of specific performances

  • Audition preparation

  • Public speaking

  • Stage performance

  • Recording

  • Demo reels


Burlesque classes

We're starting the dance branch of Red Tree Performance Academy with burlesque classes. Currently, we offer an eight-week body-positive burlesque workshop series which is great for any skill level. You don't have to be a dancer to get a lot out of burlesque. All shapes, sizes, and genders are welcome!

As we expand our dance offerings, we will be adding more multi-week workshop series as well as drop-in classes and stand-alone workshops, both in burlesque and other dance styles.

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