From tiny seeds, grow mighty trees


Optimize performance

No matter the art form, performing is storytelling.  Whether you're a vocalist, a theatre performer or a public speaker, you need to keep your audience engaged, trigger an emotional response and sell the narrative.

Affective performances are effective performances, but if you aren't selling it, they won't be buying it.  

Build confidence

Perhaps the single most important tool in the performer's chest, self-confidence doesn't just wink into existence out of nowhere; it must be cultivated, but with proper attention it can be made to flourish in anyone.



Unlock your potential

There is no secret to realizing your full potential, in anything you do.  There are no magical elixirs involved—it takes hard work, commitment and above all, self-confidence, but there are tools and resources one can employ in order to expedite one's growth.

Coaching provides the steady guidance and motivation necessary to keep you moving forwards.